What if you had a real world FIELD GUIDE to PROFIT — for the EVERYDAY (i.e. Non-Celebrity) Expert?

When I say “expert,” I am talking directly to YOU:  the coach, consultant, thought leader, speaker…

You know, those of us who make our living – or hope to – based on our expertise. The “everyday” expert is someone like me. No big name. No huge list. No celebrity status. (At least not at first!) 

In the past few years, this is where I have lived… rolling up my sleeves and helping the everyday EXPERTS navigate a quickly changing economy and begin (finally!) charging clients what they are worth and seeing their bottom-line line up with the depth of their experience and expertise.

Until about 2011, my work with coaches and experts was laser-focused on
creating clients willing to pay high fees for your one-on-one work.
But, even as I was doing this with coaches, my own work was changing.

b michelle pippinMy own income was moving further and further away from the one-on-one model…  I’d discovered the secrets, challenges and income opportunities of events, memberships and more!   Even as I taught others how to secure high paying private clients, I was leveraging my expertise through events (large and small) and membership programs and dramatically increasing both 1) My bottom-line; and 2) My time freedom. I should say that I began doing small events for my business in or around 2005. I made every mistake in the book. I lost some money. I drove home in tears. I humbly faced my husband after each “failed attempt” to fill a room. Next time, I’d think.

Finally in 2008, I hosted my first ever, high-fee, small group, multi-day intensive. Before I was on facebook.  Before I had a mailing list. Before I was blogging.  Or tweeting.  Before I EVER appeared in the media.  The result? The retreat filled… very (very) profitably. I made more money in one weekend than I’d made in ANY previous month ever, and I fell in love with this model of doing business.

The best part? 7 years later, those who attended that first intensive and I are STILL doing business together, still supporting one another, and still benefiting from our 3 days together.

Since that time, I’ve held small and large group events.  I’ve learned how to secure impressive paid sponsors.  I’ve found the “secret” behind actually FILLING that online group you want to fill, AND the one strategy that MUST BE BEHIND any “product” you hope to launch. But, more than any of that, I’ve learned what it takes to fill a room.  This is critical:  Butts in seats. PAYING butts in seats.


If you’re ready to walk away from the smoke and mirrors being pedaled your way… if you’re courageous enough to abandon the hype and get into the nuts and bolts of what ACTUALLY works in today’s economy…. this FREE GIFT will be the best you ever receive — at least for your business.

All you have to do is give me your name and email below.  You WILL be added to my “list” but I won’t hound you…. will never sell or give away your name, and hey — you can always unsubscribe once you get what you came for. =)

Your FREE GIFT will include an audio AND transcript of an eye-opening, live training that was previously recorded.

It is  so nuts-and-bolts, I guarantee you’ll walk away with PAGES of “ahas.” Finally, there will also be the opportunity to speak with me privately… no fee attached… to plot and plan YOUR event or membership or product launch.

This is my way of giving back.  And also…. if I’m to be perfectly History-of-The-Middle-Fingertransparent… it’s my way of giving the one-fingered salute to those “gurus” using misleading numbers,and  – frankly — speaking about something that is 1) NOT PROFITABLE for them — even when they’re talking about “six figure paydays!” All of this exposed on the call.  and 2) NOT WORKING for them, even though they keep selling it as a solution.

We’ll expose the hype.  Blow away the smoke and mirrors.  And reveal how to REALLY make money as an “everyday expert.” Nothing is sold via this website.

What will You  get?
First, you WON’T be added to some spam-y, over-hyped e-zine list.  Yuck.
What you WILL get is ALL of the following:

  • A meaty excerpt from my book entitled, “The No Longer Broke Coach: A Field Guide To Profit For Coaches Who’ve Tried It All.”   This answers the questions you have regarding why ALL THE THINGS you’re doing are gaining you LOTS of attention, but few paying clients. All strategy.  No fluff.
  • A full hour of training based on the book that has also been leveraged into a $3000 intensive weekend training. Free.
  •  You’ll also get a certificate for a complimentary coaching session** with me – to take place during my “Serving Hours” planned for March 2015.  (NO “thinly veiled sales session” here… I give you my word.  Just you and I.  Laser-focused on your bottom line… and how to grow it.  Nothing SOLD or OFFERED during our time together.  Pinky- promise.)
  • Ten Days To A Build A Bigger Bottom Line virtual bootcamp – tailored to the expert industry.

BROKECOACHfrontcoverGet your FREE Gift by giving us your name, email and website address!

**Only the first forty coaches to respond to this offer will get that extended coaching session with me.  If you sign up AFTER those slots are filled, I’ll give you a personalized marketing audit instead.**

This is  my gift to you… and as an extension of the twice – yearly “Serving Hours” I’ve offered coaches and experts for six years now. I hope by now, you’ve signed up for YOUR “BEST GIFT EVER!”. If not, I hope you’ll keep reading… There’s lots for you here… just on THIS page.

A mentor once told me that  “Business is a LOGICAL process.  The only problem with it is that it has to be carried out by EMOTIONAL beings.”

How true.  Isn’t it logical that if we “properly care for” our businesses, they will grow? If we “PROPERLY care” for anything, it will grow and flourish. So, why does growing a truly profitable coaching “business” seem so hard?

Well, for one… we listen to the wrong people giving us faulty, false, fabricated information about how to care for a business in the first place.  They may not even KNOW the hype they’re spewing won’t work.  It’s just that they don’t realize their “system” is a work of fiction.

If our paid mentors (or free “mentors” who are way too easily accessible on the internet and overly anxious to dole out advice) convinced us that our cars ran on WATER, we would not get very far. Soon, we would be complaining about how our car wouldn’t work, wouldn’t start, was a bad idea, a lemon. All that time, all we needed was the TRUTH about our car. It runs on gas. Oh, okay… well now we can get moving.

The same scenario is true for our businesses. Business is logical… There are hard and fast rules that will allow you to put some fuel on your business goals. When you know what it TRULY takes to care for and nourish your business, you can get moving in the right direction.

CAUTION: (If you are an excuse-maker… if you are unwilling to be honest with yourself and with others… if your week consists of more “waiting” than action… if you are unwilling to do something different to get a different result,  be fore-warned:  you’ll be more disgusted by me than by any organization, business or individual requesting you work for them for free…. so  – well, it’s just a warning.)

 But Wait!  You’ve Already Bought One of those 6-Figure PayDay, or Coaches Making Cash programs?
And it didn’t work?  I get it.

There are at least as many “gurus” for experts as their are experts themselves, each promising you a new way to leverage what’s between your ears for what shows up in your bank account.  Almost all of them are leading you astray.  Their blueprints and systems are costly and have you doing all sorts of things, like

  • building your platform
  • growing your tribe
  • pimping out your list through joint ventures
  • playing a numbers game
  • investing MORE for “support” that should come standard, and — eventually –
  • feeling busy and broke and bummed.

You look at their testimonials AGAIN… and you think… “it must have been me.”


Most of their testimonials are MOST LIKELY from people THEY themselves are in joint ventures with…. Not exactly super honest and transparent. Lol…

Let me be up front and say, it’s NOT YOU.  

If you are SICK of wondering where your next clients will come from, figuring out where your “sweet spot” REALLY is (in products, pricing and even target market), afraid to LOSE BIG on producing your own event without being able to sell seats, want to make IMPRESSIVE MONEY (minimum: 6 figures) while still controlling your time so you can ENJOY life and business….. pay very close attention to this free gift. 

I guess that’s enough of an introduction to what you’ll get as part of the BEST GIFT EVER for you:  the everyday expert! Just register already and claim it for yourself.

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